Important notice regarding e-books

Please note that all our Mathematics study guides (Pythagoras 8 CAPS, …..Pythagoras 12 CAPS) are available as e-books, but only in English at the moment. We, however, don’t distribute the books ourselves.  Distribution is managed by the company, ITSI/OPTIMI Classroom.  Should you wish to order any of the books, you can click on the following link:


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Welcome to the website of FISICHEM (Physichem Publishers). We believe that our study guides can be of great assistance to Physical Sciences and Mathematics teachers and learners in secondary schools.

The guides are also useful resources for teachers when they need to set tests and examination papers, because they contain different types of questions set at different levels of difficulty and understanding.

Modes of delivery and parcel postage for 1-4 books

Through out our 35 years of existence, our prices have included postage and packaging. Up to now, we have sent orders of less than five books, by magazine mail via the SA Post office. Although this is much cheaper than parcel postage, the disadvantage is that NO tracking code is provided. As a result of the poor service delivery by SAPO in recent times, we have lost too many books, because there is no way to trace the parcels. We have now decided to give our clients who order less than five books, the option of placing an order by registered post (1 book) or parcel postage (2-4 books) for which a tracking code will be supplied. This unfortunately implies additional cost which will be calculated as follows:

R40 for ONE book sent by registered post

R55 for TWO books sent by parcel postage

R60 for THREE or FOUR books sent by parcel postage

We are still willing to send 1-4 books free of charge by magazine mail, but if the books are lost in the post, we will not replace the book(s) free of charge as we have done up to now.

Important: Five or more books will still be sent free of postal charge via the SAPO by parcel postage.

Please also consult the alternative modes of delivery by Speed Services or Private Courier by reading the page “Delivery by Speed Services or Private Courier” – click here.

Latest Publications / Jongste Publikasies

Pythagoras 10 KABV (CAPS) Afrikaans

Afrikaans: 292 bladsye
ISBN: 978-1-86863-157-5
Prys: R160


Pythagoras 10 CAPS (English)

English: 292 pages
ISBN: 978-1-86863-158-2
Prys: R160



Pythagoras 9 KABV (CAPS) Afrikaans

Afrikaans: 400 bladsye
ISBN: 978-1-86863-154-4
Prys: R160



Pythagoras 9 CAPS (English)

English : 400 pages
ISBN: 978-1-86863-155-1
Price: R160