Physical Sciences

All Physical Sciences books are available in English as well as in Afrikaans.
Alle boeke is beskikbaar in Afrikaans en ook in Engels.

CAPS/KABV [Current syllabi / Huidige sillabusse]
Fisichem Grd 12 KABV (Afrikaans)
Physichem Grd 12 CAPS (English)
Fisichem Grd 11 KABV (Afrikaans) 978-1-86863-143-8
Physichem Grd 11 CAPS (English) 978-1-86863-144-5
Fisichem Grd 10 KABV (Afrikaans) 978-1-86863-141-4
Physichem Grd 10 CAPS (English) 978-1-86863-142-1

Fisichem’s self-study guides are intended to provide you with help with your science homework. The CAPS books cover all the compulsory topics of the 2011 (CAPS) Curriculum for Grd 10 to 12.

The study guides for Grd 10-12 are no longer bilingual, but are now all published in ONE language only (English or Afrikaans). Important: Physics and Chemistry topics are now combined into a single book and the topics are arranged in the sequence prescribed by the National Department of Basic Education.

Special attention is given to the new topics in the curriculum. The Fisichem series of Science Self-Study guides will certainly provide you with the insight necessary to succeed with your science homework.