All of the self-study guides are available in English as well as in Afrikaans.

CAPS/KABV [Current syllabi / Huidige sillabusse]
Pythagoras Grd 12 KABV (Afrikaans) 978-1-86863-156-8
Pythagoras Grd 12 (CAPS) English 978-1-86863-153-7
Pythagoras Grd 11 KABV (Afrikaans) 978-1-86863-145-2
Pythagoras Grd 11 CAPS (English) 978-1-86863-146-9
Pythagoras Grd 10 CAPS/KABV (Bilingual) 978-1-86863-147-6
Pythagoras Grd 10 KABV (CAPS) (Afrikaans) 978-1-86863-157-5
Pythagoras Grd 10 CAPS (Eng) 978-1-86863-158-2
Pythagoras 9 CAPS (English) 978-1-86863-155-1
Pythagoras 9 KABV (Afrikaans) 978-1-86863-154-4
Pythagoras 8 CAPS (English) 978-1-86863-152-0
Pythagoras 8 KABV (Afrikaans) 978-1-86863-151-3

Maths revision before an important examination is vital. Fisichem understands that the only way to get maths under the belt properly, is by practice. Our new (CAPS) Pythagoras self-study guides cover all the compulsory topics of the 2011 (CAPS) Curriculum for Grd 10 to 12. If you wish to improve your Maths marks or get that elusive distinction in Maths, our Pythagoras self-study guides are a must have.